We are working with Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake County Health Department on having the market this season. As we are a small market, we my be able to still have the market, only things will need to be done differently. We plan to find a way to ensure we get local produce and food items to our customers even if we cannot have the full market. Either way, there will need to be several important changes in how we do the market.

In accordance with policies of other states,, USDA, and health departments around the US, people will not be allowed to handle the produce. we will do our best to ensure you receive quality produce, but we will have to bag it up for you. We will also have one person handling the payments, nothing else. Another option we are looking at, if we are shut down to minimal items, is taking orders online, and having curbside pick up for the food items. We will make arrangements for other food items to be available, such as honey, eggs, meat, and more.

Hang in there, and know we are doing what we can to get things put together. We may also try to set up online sales for our artisan vendors as well,

Stay safe.

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