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Success Stories

With the help of strong roots at the People's Market, these local entrepreneurs have grown their businesses!

Annie's Attitudes, Annie Stephens

Each hand-sewn bag made by Annie Stephens is unique, having its own distinct look, style, and attitude. Annie's neighbor and business partner, Brett Isbell, were both involved in founding the People's Market. Annie starting selling her bags at the very first People's Market, bringing a sparse selection of bags spread across two tables. Now, she has an inventory of several hundred bags, selling them wholesale to local stores. Annie's Attitudes has also set up booths at the Avenues Street Fair and the Park Silly Sunday Market.

Since that first year, annual sales have more than doubled, and Annie has created several different lines of bags. They range from small and elegant to her notorious "Hell-bags," which are about 3 feet wide, and could probably hold a small child.

Simply Natural Choices, Diana Remmington

Started by Diana Remmington in 1997, Simply Natural Choices makes all-natural soaps and lotions, jewelry, and wood mobiles. Diana, a Master Herbalist, makes a wide selection of all-natural personal care products: Soaps, lotions, healing balm, healing oil, mosquito repellant, infused oils, herbal tinctures, and more. Her mobiles and jewelry are made from all natural materials as well, such as native wood and rock. During Diana's three summers at the People's Market, she was able to build a strong customer base and introduce new items, like handmade garter flasks, made with the help of her daughter. Simply Natural Choices now sells wholesale to several local botiques and shops. She has also begun holding "open house sales", where her long-term customers can stock up, and puchase certain specially discounted items. Diana has recently started giving demonstrations on healthy living as well.

Diana became involved with the Peoples' Market at the very begining, when it was first held at the Northwest multi-purpose center in Fairpark. There she met fellow organizers and founders Kyle LaMalfa and Chris and Brett Isbell. Initially, Diana served on the Board of Directors of the market, but later moved on to focus on her business. Still, she remains great friends with everyone from the market. "How often do you get to do something good, that helps your neighborhood, where you make all of these new friends?" Diana asks. Though Simply Natural Choices does not set up at the market as often now, Diana is still one of the People who, while building the market itself, also built her own business at the same time!

Youth Entreprenuer Program

The Peoples' Market began the Youth Entreprenuer Program in 2007. The program allows anyone 17 or younger to sign up as a vendor at the market, at the cost of only $1 per market. These budding business boys and girls are free to sell whatever products they can make or grow. The market has seen participation in the program increase every year, with some particularly exciting successes. One is "Mitchell's Market," where Mitchell sells fresh home-grown produce.

Another is "Harvey's Harvest," where Hannah Harvey sells bee pollen and honey collected by her father, an apiarist. She also sells home-grown produce items as well, such as dried peppers. Hannah's bee pollen, peppers, and more have won many awards at the Utah State Fair, which she proudly displays at her booth. Working with the bees and in the garden is fun for twelve year old Hannah, who likes that "you get to learn...where stuff like food comes from," and who saves the money from her market sales to buy her friends and familiy Christmas presents. She was even featured heavily in a Salt Lake Tribune article about Peoples' Market!