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22 May 2017 Published in Blog & News

To remove confusion, we wish to explain a change that was made for this season. We have been adamant over our vendors selling products they have made or a family member has made.  One of the reasons is to promote local items. Another reason is so the customers can ask questions on how things were made. It is important to us to adhere to this as close as possible.  Making the items includes taking a product and manufacturing it into something else.  We changed to allow 2 new categories for 2017. One was commercial clothing, the other was household items, such as cooking products. We are only allowing 1 vendor for each of these categories, and they will only be allowed to vend once a month.  At this time, we have accepted the vendor for each of these sections, and will not be accepting any further applications for these commercially made items.  We do not accept commercially mass produced make up, essential oils, and other such products. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

We do NOT allow stakes in the ground.  Please bring weights, as the wind can be wicked sometimes. 

We do NOT allow vendors to go around to other booths to sell their products.  Sell only from your booth.  If you have free samples, we allow you to distribute them.  Remember, treat other vendors as you would wish to be treated.  

Any nonprofit groups who are approved for free booth space at the market will be allowed one 10x10 foot area.  If they require more space, they need to speak with the market board prior to setting up other space, as there will be a discounted fee of $15 per Sunday, unless previously approved by the market board.  If the nonprofit is selling items, the funds must be given to the nonprofit, not to individuals for personal gain.  If someone is receiving payment from customers, and the funds are not going to the nonprofit, the payments classify as income and the person is required to fill out tax information with the market.   


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