Sunday June - October | 10am - 2pm
1000 S 900 W | Salt Lake City

Yard Sale Day (0)

Yard Sale Day

The last Sunday of June, July, August, September will be Yard Sale Days at the Market.  For a $10 fee, you can set up your items for sale during the Market. You can set up in the space equivalent to 10 foot by 10 foot.  If require more space, will need to pay for each 10 X 10 area. We offer credit card services for YARD Sale vendors as we do our regular vendors. Apply on line or come to the market booth to sign in and pay your fee.

The location to set up will be designated at the Market booth.  We ask that you fill out an application prior to the date you plan to come, so we ensure the proper room for the Yard Sale vendors with our regular vendors.