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We welcome local farmers, artisans, creatives, service-providers, youth entrepreneurs, and gardeners.


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In accordance with the Salt Lake City Corp, Salt Lake County Health Department, and Utah & federal Department of Agriculture, we will be adhering to the following rules, which are subject to change according to the changes made by said organizations. Any vendors who refuse to comply with the rules will be dismissed from the market immediately, and there will be no refund of vendor fees.

1)  Masks will be worn while at the market. The only exception is when vendor is drinking or eating. We ask that any eating or drinking be done at the back of the vendor’s booth, away from customers.

2)  There will be no food samples given out from any booth.

3)  Any products being sold must be in protective containment: any body products such as soaps or lotions must be in containers or wrappers. No shared containers for customers to sample the products on their own. If a vendor wishes the customers to sample their products, vendors may do so if safety measures are in place. Example: If a lotion sample is in a tub, the vendor provides a sample stick to dip into the tub and then places the sample into the customer’s hand.

4)  Hand sanitizer must be at each vendor’s booth. If vendor cannot package up the product (for example crocheted items), vendor is expected to have and use sanitizing spray to spray handled/exposed items in between customers.

5)  Vendors are expected to wear gloves, especially when handling money.

6)   Produce and food items may be handled by the vendor only, and only with gloved hands. If customer insists on handling the produce, they may do so only if they are wearing gloves clean gloves provided by the vendor to protect the food items. Vendors must bag all produce and food in advance as much as possible.

7)   Vendors are responsible for how they set up their booths. All vendors are expected to set up in a manner that minimizes contact with products and maintains the safety of everyone. 

Meet Our Vendors

Larry’s Produce : Larry Proctor has been our long standing produce vendor for many years, and he is joining us once more. We look forward to his produce every year and hope you do as well.

Blair Farms Meats and Eggs : The Blair family joined us last season and will be selling their products again this season. wonderful hamburger and sausage from grass fed animals, as well as fresh farm eggs.  Fabulous.

Millcreek Olive Oil Company : Several years back, Millcreek Olive Oil was a frequent vendor at the People’s Market/9th West Farmers Market. They now have a shop now, but are still a part of the market family. This season we will have their products for sale online and at the market booth on Sundays.

Salsitas Mendoza : Handmade chips and salsas, utilizing as much local produce as possible, and extremely delicious. They can be found in some local stores in the area, but you can get them straight from our online ordering system and at the market booth on Sundays. 

Adris Soaps : Our newest vendor has handcrafted soaps that are natural ingredients. We welcome them to the online ordering program this season and will be posting the information about their soaps  to help you decide with would be best for your needs.

Schertz Gifts : if you are looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry, stones, and handpainted ceramics, you’ll love the items Schertz Gifts has to offer. 






Come as a vendor, leave as a friend.



9th West Farmers Market

Every Sunday

10am – 2pm

Salt Lake City, UT (near Peace Gardens)


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