We are opening Sunday, June 28th, 2020

We will be doing things differently this season, so check out the changes. Due to the need to protect our volunteers and customers we will be doing the following.

The market will be acting as a store for vendors to sell through. Food items and artisan products will be sold online. There will be several options to choose from for getting your purchases. At the market, we will have only the Market Booth on site. For those who do not use the online ordering system, you can still purchase food items available. We will be offering local food items such as produce (Yes, for those of you who are return customers, we will have Larry’s produce), honey, eggs, hamburger and sausage, chips and salsa, Millcreek Olive Oil Company products, and are working on adding more.

Also, this season we have been given special permission to move the market across the park to the lawn of the University Neighborhood Partnership House, which is located on the south side of the park, near the row of greenhouses. Not only will this save us from having to pay to rent the park this season, as we will not have vendor fees coming in, it will allow us to provide assistance such as free bags of produce for children.

With the new system, we will be able to have parking for those coming up to purchase items and for us to have curbside pick up service. We will also have a delivery service for $10 service fee, for anyone within 20 miles of the market. Our delivery staff can also use a no contact system for those who are high risk health issues during the COVID19 pandemic. As we have many connected with the market who are high risk, we take protecting them seriously.

Our procedures for keeping everyone safe are as follows:

  1. offering online purchasing for food and artisan products. With the artisan items purchased, you have the option of speaking with the artisan to make arrangements to pick up or the artisan can bring the products to the Market volunteers for customer pick up on Sundays during our season. Food products can be purchased online and picked up from the Market on Sundays during our season, or have them delivered to your address.
  2. if not ordering online, you can still purchase food items when coming to the Market on Sundays during our season. We will be open from 10am to 2pm. We will have a “place order here” location of the booth. Social Distancing is going to be observed, as will be wearing masks and using hand sanitizer, gloves, and a hand washing station. Once you have placed your order, someone will gather your products for you while you go to the “Pay Here” location of the booth.
  3. we will be offering several no touch payment methods besides cash. Please know, any cash coming into the market will be sprayed with disinfecting spray. Nothing personal to anyone using cash, we will be doing it to ALL cash. In addition, we will offer credit/debit cards, SNAP/EBT cards, PayPal, Venmo, and GooglePay. The device used for card payments will be wiped down between each customer. By doing this program, we will not need to use tokens, thereby protecting you further.
  4. if possible, we suggest not bringing the entire family up to the market booth. Children receiving the free produce bags will need to be present, but we ask that they stay back from the booth. We love children, but we cannot have them handling any of the products we will be selling.
  5. all food items will be packaged, including most produce. This was by order of the Utah Department of Agriculture, who are responsible for all farmers markets. Large produce such as watermelon, squash and other items will not be bagged up ahead of time. We will wipe them down with soapy water before handing them to you (and our people will be wearing gloves).
  6. we ask that only service animals be brought to the market, and please have them easily identified as a service animal. Also keep the service dog away from other people. This is for your safety. As the market president has a service dog, she is aware that even if they have a vest on, with patches saying “Do Not Touch”, people will touch them. The last thing we want is for someone who is possibly ill touching your valued dog or any pets you might have. This was a difficult decision, as we are extremely pet and animal friendly at our market, but we want to protect you.

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